Aussie Pups Kennel - Our Vision

Since 2013 helping to find loving and responsible homes for our Pinschers.

Since inception, our Australian Shepherd Kennel has been committed to not only providing the best homes for our puppies but equally putting a smile on the faces of our new owners. Puppies have been proven to be a great friend, companion, care taker and emotional support. Our Aussie shepherds easily become a part of the family and bring light to every room they walk into. 

We have an adoption specialist, a pet groomer and pet sitter available to help with the adoption process of our Australia shepherd puppies and ease the process for amateurs and experienced homes alike.


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With the safety, comfort and proper development of our Australian shepherd puppies at the center of our decision making, we do well to make sure our puppies go to the best possible homes.
We have been operational as a registered and licensed Australian Shepherd kennel for the better part of a decade. We are family owned, with family values at the core of our kennel.

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